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Plain MDF

  • Wood Fiber

  • E1, E2

  • Huabao

  • 4412

  • MDF / Semi-hardboards

  • Indoor

  • China

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Size: 1220X2440
Thickness: 2.5/2.7/3/3.7/4/4.5/4.75/5/5.5/6/8/9/11/12/15/16/17/18/25mm
Glue: E1, E2
Material: Natural wood
Grade: A/B/C.
Color: Light, Dark
Density: 730-830kg/m3
About 730kg/cbm(8-25mm)
Formaldehyde Emission of plain MDF
E1: <1.5mg/L OR 9mg/100g
E2: < 5mg/L OR 30mg/100g
Advantage of plain MDF
1. Density even, surface smooth, easy for machining and shaping
2. Made of meticulous fiber, no sharp wood grain
3. Easy for painting
4. Side of MDF is smooth and neat, not rough after sawing
5. Hard to be out of shape
6. Toxic gas emission is tightly controlled well

Package of plain MDF:
Standard exporting package, strong marine pallet

Package Details:
Covered with MDF outside to protect from torn, and then tied with PVC/steel tape,
At last a pallet on the bottom of each bundle to protect from broken or as per
The importer's request

Shipping Quantity (20ft )
2.5mm: 2880PCS, 3mm: 2400PCS, 4mm: 1800PCS
5 mm: 1440PCS, 6mm: 1200PCS, 12mm: 600PCS
15mm: 480PCS, 16mm: 450PCS, 18mm: 400PCS
25mm: 288PCS
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