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  • Q Do You Have FSC Certificate ?

    A Our FSC Certificate Informations:
    Certifiate Code.:  SGSHK-COC-311079
    License Code:  FSC-C192676
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  • Q What is Your Company Business Products

    A Linyi Huabao Imp. and Exp. Co.,Ltd establishe on 2010 Year, which located in Linyi City, Shandong, China
    It is a professional supplier for the film faced plywood ,commercial plywood, MDF, OSB etc.
    Their Business Products include the following:
    1. Film Faced Plywood: Black Film Faced Plywood, Brown Film Faced Plywood, Plastic Film Faced Plywood, MDO, HDO
    2. Commercial Plywood: Bintangor Plywood, Okouman/Okoume Plywood, Pine Plywood, Birch plywood, Poplar Plywood ,Sapele Plywood Etc
    3. Melamine Plywood: Hardwood Core, Poplar Core, and Combined Core Melamine Plywood
    4. MDF and Melamine MDF: HMR MDF, Standard MDF, Melamine MDF
    5. OSB Board: Oriented Strand Boards
    6. Plastic Construction Boards
    7. Anti-Slip Film Faced Plywood, Wiremesh Plywood, Hexa Plywood Etc.

    melamine MDFPlastic PVC Plywoodwiremesh plywoodbrown film faced plywoodblack film plywoodMELAMINE PLYcommercial plywoodosb poplar 2
  • Q Can We Put Our Logoes on the Film Faced Plywood?

    A Film Faced Plywood Can be printted your logoes . Now more and more customers need print their logoes on the film .It help to improve their brands on the markets.
    We can print the logoes on the plywood freely if your quanity is enough.Now we have logoes such as Huabaoplex, Korinplex, Marineplex, Duraplex, Tegobull, Rio-Braizil , BetonPlex etc more than 100 kind of logoes on the film.
    huaboplexmarineplexGreen N-TECH LOGODDP LogoLogoeslogoemessms logoRio-Braizil
  • Q What is the Core of Film Faced Plywood

    A Now there are the following core to prodcue the film faced plywood
    1. Poplar Core, this is very common tree in China
    2. Eucalyptus Core
    3. Combine Core: such as poplar+ Eucalyptus ,Birch+ Poplar etc
    4. Hardwood Core
    5. Birch Core
    6. Finger Joint Core: It is most economic materials in China, also called recycle core, it include big size finger joint core, and strip Core,
    hardwoodPoplarEucalyptusFinger Joint Core
  • Q What is Anti-Slip Film Faced Plywood

    A Anti-Slip Film Faced Plywood also called non slip plywood, wiremesh plywood, Hexa Plywood. It have single Side and Both sides kind of them.
    There are 3 kind of Film Pattern shape:
    1.  Cross Shape
    2.  Circle Shape
    3.  Riziform Shape
    The Core of the anti-Slip film faced plywood:
    1. Poplar Core 2. Hardwooc Core 3. Combined Core 4. Birch Core
    The sizes can be 1220x2440mm, 1250*2500mm etc. The thickness is 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,18mm,21mm etc.
    These anti-slip plywood products are available in a range of decorative surface coverings, each pattern offering slightly different characteristics suitable for flooring and other uses.
    The panels are used extensively in the manufacture and repair of vehicles and flight cases, the installation of stagings & disabled access ramps. They can be used wherever a flooring surface is required to be slip-resistant.
    wiremesh plywoodcircle shaperizoform shape

  • Q Where is your company Market

    Main Markets Total Revenue(%)
    Western Europe 20.00%
    Mid East 20.00%
    Oceania 10.00%
    Africa 10.00%
    South Asia 10.00%
    Eastern Asia 10.00%
    Southeast Asia 5.00%
    South America 5.00%
    Eastern Europe 5.00%
    North America 5.00%

  • Q The min quantity of the order

    A It should be one 40FT container  for the sample order
  • Q What is your company Payment Terms

    A 1. TT payment terms: 30% tt in advance, the balance amount will be paid after the shipment  within 7 days
    2. LC terms: 100% irrevocable LC at sight 
  • Q What is your delivery Speed

    A When the order is confirmed , we can ship the caroges within 30 days or in shorter time.
  • Q What is your supply ability

    A We can supply 3000cbms film faced plywood per Month.
    For commercial plywood, we can supply 2000 CBMS per month.
  • Q Do you sell over-sized panels?

    A Yes, we have a wide selection of items larger than the standard 4′ wide x 8′ long. Many items are in stock and are available in up to 1250*2500mm sheets. 
  • Q What about After-Sales-Service?

    A For us, sales only begins,but never ends.
    Hot lines telephone: 0086 18669900176
    Service Email:   sales@ehuabao.cn

  • Q What is your loading port

    A Our loading port is qingdao port , Lianyungang Port, China
  • Q Can we get your samples?

    Samples are free offered,
    Shipping fees are charged.
  • Q What is your products package?

    A (1)Plastic Bag (2) Carton or Plywood Covering (3)Steel Strips (3-6-2)
    (4)Plastic protectors (5)Pallet
  • Q What is the Melamine Plywood

    A Melamine Plywood is one of Decoratieve Plywood boards.Melamine plywood is used extensively in the manufacture of kitchen and bath cabinets, as well as furniture where a solid white surface is desired, rather than wood grain.
    The color and design is more than hundreds of them. There are wood grain,Fabric Texture, Pure Grain, Suede, Leather, Marbliny, Glossy, Embossed etc.
    Their core can be Poplar, Hardwood, combined Core etc. The thickness is from 2mm to 21mm in China. size is 1220x2440mm.
    There are one time , two time and there times hotpressed technology in Producing. the price is very different also on the quality.

    Sapele Melamine Plywood
    solid wood stone color红木Mahagony
  • Q What is the Color of the melamine Plywood

    A CCI20220422_0063CCI20220422_0049CCI20220421_0026CCI20220422_0017

    Now there  are more than 1000 types and mode of melamine Paper color in China markets
    They can be Specified into Wood Graine, Pure Color, Stone Systerm, Fabric Textures etc .

  • Q The difference between Melamine Plywood and Particle Board

    A In terms of different materials, different performance, environmental protection comparison, and price, although  Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood is more stable than the particle board, but in terms of price, solid wood particle board is cheaper and more affordable. And  particle board weight is relatively light.
    chippboardmelamine Chippboardplywood

    1. Different materials
    Solid wood multi-layer board is what many people call plywood. Its material is staggered multi-layer boards. The panels are made of high-quality wood and then pressed at high temperature. Generally speaking, the half layers it contains are more than two layers, there are four layers, six layers and eight layers and so on.
    The solid wood particle board is a contemporary new and environmentally friendly material. It is mainly a leftover material made of wood, and then the two sides are made of fine wood fiber, the middle material is wood fiber, and finally a man-made board made of adhesive is used. The principle is very similar to MDF.
    2. Different performance
     Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood belongs to a kind of Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood, which is inconsistent with our commonly used particle board or density board. In simple terms, Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood is a superposition of layers of thin solid wood. In our furniture, floors It is often used, and the solid wood multi-layer board has even better cracking and deformation performance than solid wood.
    The particle board has less adhesive and better environmental protection. It is even smoother and smoother than the Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood, has no knots, no insect eyes, etc., and it does not warp, crack, and has high physical and mechanical strength. It is also mildew-proof and economical. , heat preservation and many other advantages, and the nail holding ability is also great.
    3. Environmental comparison
     Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood and solid wood particle board are both environmentally friendly products, especially the bonding area of  Multi-Layer Melamine Plywood is less than that of solid wood particle board, and the environmental protection level can even reach E1, which is the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. And the density and stability are better than solid wood particle board.

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