Brown Film Faced Plywood/Film Faced Plywood (HL017)
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Brown Film Faced Plywood/Film Faced Plywood (HL017)

  • HL017
  • Angle Grain
  • 1220*2440*18mm
  • Outdoor
  • WBP
  • ISO9001, CE Marked
  • 4412
  • Poplar
  • E1
  • Grade One
  • Black Film, Brown Film
  • huabao
  • China
Brown Film Faced Plywood/Film Faced Plywood
1. Face&back: Brown film and black film, dynea film, anti-slip film
2. Core: Poplar, birch, combine, pine, hardwood, eucalyptus, etc.
3. Glue: WBP, melamine, MR, E0, E1, E2
4. Size: 1220*2440mm, 1250*2500mm, etc
5. Thickness: 9-30mm
6. Moisure: Below12%

Brown Film faced plywood is appiled to construction project. The panel is smooth and can be used for many times.

Inner packing: Inside pallet s covered with 0.2mm plastic bag
Outer packing: By pallet, wrapped in carton, reinforced with iron belt and seaworthy for shipping by sea.

We are professioal manufacture&exporter of black/brown film faced plywood in China. With competitive price and high quality, our brown film faced plywood is exported to many countries. If you want black/brown film faced plywood, please feel free to contact us anytime and let us your detail demand.
We are p leased to provide our experience in plywood supply,
for your business and HuaBao Provide fruitful cooperation.
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