28mmx610X610mm Gypsum Board Calcium Sulfate Floor for High Buildings
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28mmx610X610mm Gypsum Board Calcium Sulfate Floor for High Buildings

  • 610X610mm


  • Shandong, China

  • Gypsum,Wood Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Board

  • 6/8/10/12/15mm

  • 6609

We are specialized in various of building materials, specially in PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles, gypsum board and drywall. Regular Gypsum board, fiberglass ceiling and wall panel, PVC Pypsum Boards, Silicate Calcium Boards, Gypsum Cornice, Gypsum sticking powder, Pvc Ceiling Film and so on. We have already been exported to Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and North Europe.
SIze: 1220X2440MM/1200X2400MM/1200X1800MM/1200X1830MM/1250x2500mm/610X1220MM/610X610MM/595X595MM
Our mainly products as follows:
A. Wooden Frible Gypsum Board
6/8mmx1220x2440mm(Condole top)
12/15/18mmx1220x2440mm(The partition))
B. Calcium sulfate floor base material
Size: 610x610mm, 610x1220mm
Thickness: , 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm
Density: 1650kg/m2
Concentrated load: 30mm- 4.7kn
MOQ: One 20'ctn
C. Gypsum Gypsum Board
1)Thickness: 7 to 15mm
2)Width: 1200mm&1220mm
3)Length: 1800 to 3600mm
4)Edge: Tapered and Square edge
Detailed descriptions:
1. Gypsum Board Length: 1800mm to 3600mm
2. Gypsum Board Width: 1200mm & 1220mm
3. Gypsum Board Thickness: 7mm to 15mm
4. Gypsum Board Edge: Square Edge and Tapered Edge
5. Gypsum Board Packing: Two sheets Gypsum Board glued together
D. PVC Laminated Gypsum board ceiling
1)Material of PVC Gypsum board: Paper-faced gypsum board
2)Thickness of PVC Gypsum board: 7mm-12.5mm
3)Size of PVC Gypsum board: 595*595mm/600*600mm/595*1195mm/605*605mm'/603*1212mm/610*1220mm
4)Weitht of PVC Gypsum board
7mm=5.5kg/sqm; 8.0mm=5.9kg/sqm; 8.5mm=6.2kg/sqm; 9mm=6.8kg/sqm; 9.5mm=7.1kg/sqm; 12mm=9.2kg/sqm; 12.5mm=9.5kg/sqm
5)Strength of PVC Gypsum board>160N
6)Installation: Match with ceiling T-bar
7)Packing: Export carton(8 pcs or 10 pcs with PE plastic film)
Advantages of gypsum bonded wood particlr board are as below:
1: Fire retardant: It is Grade A, non inflammable material. The components' limit of fire resistance above 3 hours
2: Sound Insulation, 10mm thickness as wall partition sound insulation can reach 53Db
3: Anti-static, used as raised floor.
4: Thermal Insulation and insulating
5: Water absorption, after soaking, no deformation and loosen.
6: Good stability, no warp, no deformation
7: High screw holding power, the holding power on surface can reach 50 kg
8: With respiratory function, can adjust indoor humidity
9: Quick and easy to install, The board can be nailed, drilled, planed, saw, laminated and notched
10: Green environment friendly and nice appearance, 100% without any hazardous substances
11: Light weight with high strength, long time service life
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