US ITC upholds duties against China and Canada

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The US International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled on December 1 that China dumped subsidized hardwood plywood in the US market and that as a consequence, the domestic industry is materially injured, or threatened with material injury.

US imports of Chinese hardwood plywood increased 22% from 2014 to 2016, according to data used by the Commission. The ITC also ruled that hardwood plywood imports from China will not be subject to retroactive antidumping or countervailing duties.

Member organizations of the American Alliance for Hardwood Plywood, who purchase or distribute plywood from China, are alarmed by the ruling and the high duties.

The US Department of Commerce set an antidumping duty of 183.6% and countervailing duties of up to 194.9%.

The US International Trade Commission also voted for the antidumping and countervailing duties on sawn softwood from Canada. Despite the duties, Canadian sawmills have not cut production because of record-high prices and strong demand in the US market, which depends for about one third of its demand on imports.

US ITC upholds duties against China and Canada
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