Nordwood make order from RemaSawco

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Nordwood placed an order with RemaSawco for supply of delivery and commissioning of a complete RS-BoardScannerQ system for the new dry sorter at the Viiratsi Saeveski sawmill in Estonia. Delivery is scheduled for September/October of 2018. According to the announcement, the order for RS-BoardScannerQ totals for SEK 4.8 million.

RS-BoardScannerQ is a fully automated system for quality control and optimisation of boards in green and dry sorters and planers. The system performs a four sided quality inspection and optimisation instantly without the need to flip boards over. The measurement technique combines tracheid (=fiber), dimension and vision data. The system opens up new opportunities for quality sorting in sawmills through the sophisticated measurement techniques and the unique touchless strength grading.

Nordwood make order from RemaSawco
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