Exports of the Brazilian planted forest industry rise 11.4%

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Brazilian exports generated by the planted forest sector hit US$7.7 billion in the first ten months of last year, a 11.4% rise compared to 2016. 

The impact of the sector on the trade balance was positive at US$ 6.8 billion, an increase of 13% year on year. In the first eleven months of 2017, Brazil's pulp exports reached US$5.7 billion (+14.1%), paper exports US$1.7 billion (+ 2.3%) and woodbased panels US$266 million (+18.8%).

Between January to November 2017 sales of Brazilian woodbased panels to external markets increased 26%, reaching 1.17 million cubic metres.

In the period from January to November 2017, Latin American countries were the main markets for paper and wood panel exports. Revenues from paper exports to regional markets amounted to US$1.14 billion, an 11% increase year on year. Regional markets took US$139 million in woodbased panels, up almost 15% year on year.

The wood panel market also saw significant sales growth in Asia and Oceania. The plantation wood panel segment registered domestic sales of 5.9 million cubic metres, up almost 4% year on year.

Exports of the Brazilian planted forest industry rise 11.4%
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